Provide UTM users with reliable geo-data, focus on understanding risks

Issuing BVLOS flight permit involves examination of flight corridor against potential risks. More accurate and up-to-date data used by UTM user ensures more reliable SORA results. Assessment of unknown-origin data is laborious and time consuming. GREY provides API for UTM systems with SORA compliant analytics and pre-compiled geo-data repository. GREY team continuously searches for more accurate and up-to-date geo-datasets and blends it into the core repository. GREY analytics allow checking flight path against geo-data repository in terms of extended vertical profile as well as risk heatmap with built-in accountability mechanisms. Complete and detailed geo-data repository allows performing ad-hoc spatial analysis required in nonstandard situations.

Key features

Geo-data repository characteristics

  • Access via easy to use web-portal or API

  • Services:

    • Elevation at check-in point

    • Extended terrain statistics for flight corridor

    • Terrain data download

    • Enhanced vertical navigation profile

    • Satellite change detection for selected areas

  • Built-in operations accountability

  • Easy bi-directional integration with UTM system

  • Hi resolution elevation data

  • Tall & slender objects

  • Risk heatmaps

  • Geographic coverage: expanding  (contact us to learn if your region is already available or request it)

  • Faster, more reliable BVLOS permit processing

  • Custom geospatial analysis for nonstandard situations



  • Based on monthly requests number

  • Contact us for details