GREy beta testers entry gate

The time has come! Beta tests have started!

Image by Driftime® Media

As GREy is nearing completion, we have decided that the right moment to begin beta tests program has come. We believe that such testing it will be beneficial for both sides: for you to influence directions of GREy development and for us to better understand what is missing or what should be fixed.

Before first use of GREy please read list of remarks below to make your testing experience more pleasant and efficient.


Remarks for beta testers:

  1. Participation in the beta tests is free of charge. At the same time we are not able to provide any compensation for your inputs​.

  2. We reserve a right to limit the number of beta accounts so please forgive us if we declined your request at first. We value your interest a lot and for sure we will come back to you at the later stage of testing.

  3. At this moment data is available for the territory of Poland only. We are going to extend the data coverage soon.

  4. We are very open to criticism – actually this is the key goal for the current activity – so do not hesitate to contact us with any kind of comment/suggestion/question. Please forgive us if our reaction is not as quick as you deserve. We are at a very early stage of the GREy deployment and we are still in the process of balancing our resources.

  5. At the same time please forgive us any glaring mistakes. After staring at something for a long time it's easy to miss even an obvious error.

  6. At the moment we are able to process communication in English or Polish only.

  7. We would love to implement all suggested changes and improvements but due to limited time & resources we will prioritize them according to severity and impact.

  8. We have put a lot of effort into selection of the best available data sets for the purpose but as we are relying on third party vendors we won't be able to correct everything immediately.

  9. By participating in beta tests you agree to the terms and conditions provided here:

  10. For your safety please keep in mind the following: The data found in GREy has been processed from third party sources and although it is believed to be true and reliable, no warranty expressed or implied is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability, usefulness or other characteristics appropriate for applications that potential users may use the provided data for. Data can also quickly become out-of-date. The user assumes the entire risk associated with the use of the provided data. The consortium shall not be held liable for any use or misuse of the data contained herein. The user bears all responsibility in determining whether these data are fit for the user's intended use.

  11. Enjoy!