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GREy features

GREy provides features for UAS pilots and aviation authorities that helps perform risk assessment

Obtaining UAS flight permit involves execution of Risk Analysis. Gathering and fusing data required for reliable process is laborious and time consuming. GREy provides easy to use web portal with SORA/PDRA/STS/N-STS compliant tools and pre-compiled geo-data repository. GREy team continuously searches for more accurate and up-to-date geo-datasets and blends it into the core repository. GREy tools allow checking flight trajectory against geo-data repository in terms of extended vertical profile as well as population and risk heatmap with built-in accountability mechanisms.
GREy offer highly scalable access to DTM/DSM models, required by CIS and USSP for assessing Strategic Flight Plan Process, as well as support for CARS (Common Altitude Reference System). Complete and detailed geo-data repository allows performing ad-hoc spatial analysis required in nonstandard situations.

Plan your flight route

Use available map layers to plan the optimal flight route:​

  • Aeronautical data

  • Slender obstacles layer (comm. towers, power lines, wind mills, railway traction, etc.)​

  • Population density map (required for iGRC determination)

  • Risk Heat Map (available for selected countries)

  • Background topographic map

  • Satellite imagery

Define flight parameters

Define flight parameters of planned flight in order to get customized operation risk assessment report:

  • Mission type

  • UAS characteristics

  • Pilot ID

  • Minimum declared altitude​

  • Contingency radius

  • and more

Download data driven risk assessment report

Order comprehensive risk assessment report:

  • Mission metadata

  • Used data characteristics

  • Data driven iGRC quotas determination

  • Per leg Enhanced Vertical Navigation Charts (incl. contingency area):

    • Digital Surface Model

    • Slender obstacles​

  • Terrain proximity maps

  • Risk Heat Map and and per leg profiles (for selected countries)​

  • Community data - provided by fellow aviators (if available)

Make an optional in-depth analysis

GREy provides additional tools for:

  • Calculating elevation statistics for a given polygon

  • On request download of DSM data for analysis in 3rd party software

  • Calculating Enhanced Vertical Navigation Profiles (incl. CSV download)

Store the report as a proof of executing reliable risk analysis in case of an incident or request from the aviation authorities

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