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GREy for ANSPs

Provide UTM users with reliable geo-data, focus on understanding risks


Verification of UAS flight permit involves examination of flight trajectory and Contingency Volume against potential risk. More accurate and up-to-date data used by all connected users ensures more reliable Risk Analysis results. Assessment of unknown-origin data is laborious and time consuming. GREy provides API for UTM systems with SORA/PDRA/STS/N-STS compliant analytics and pre-compiled geo-data repository. GREy offer highly scalable access to DTM/DSM models, required by CIS and USSP for assessing Strategic Flight Plan Process, as well as support for CARS (Common Altitude Reference System). GREy analytics allow checking flight path against geo-data repository in terms of extended vertical profile as well as population and risk heatmap with built-in accountability mechanisms. Complete and detailed geo-data repository allows performing ad-hoc spatial analysis required in nonstandard situations.

Key features

Geo-data repository characteristics

  • Access via easy to use web-portal or API

  • Services:

    • Elevation at check-in point

    • Extended terrain statistics for flight corridor

    • Terrain data download

    • Enhanced vertical navigation profile

    • Comprehensive PDF report

  • Built-in operations accountability

  • Easy bi-directional integration with UTM system

  • Hi resolution elevation data

  • Tall & slender objects

  • Risk heatmaps

  • Geographic coverage: expanding  (contact us to learn if your region is already available or request it)

  • Faster, more reliable BVLOS permit processing

  • Custom geospatial analysis for nonstandard situations



  • Based on monthly requests number

  • Contact us for details

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