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GREy for UAV aviators

Streamline pre-flight activities, focus on a mission

Image by Yang Shuo

Obtaining UAS flight permit involves execution of Risk Analysis. Gathering and fusing data required for reliable process is laborious and time consuming. GREy provides easy to use web portal with SORA/PDRA/STS/N-STS compliant tools and pre-compiled geo-data repository. GREy team continuously searches for more accurate and up-to-date geo-datasets and blends it into the core repository. GREy tools allow checking flight trajectory against geo-data repository in terms of extended vertical profile as well as population and risk heatmap with built-in accountability mechanisms.

GREy platform is an outcome of ESA founded project - BFPaaS (BVLOS Flight Planning as a Service). Initially designed as a technology demonstrator quickly evolved into fully functional platform due to overwhelming reception from the test users.

Key features

Geo-data repository characteristics

  • Access via easy to use web-portal

  • Services:

    • Elevation at check-in point

    • Extended terrain statistics for flight corridor

    • Terrain data download

    • Enhanced vertical navigation profile

    • Comprehensive PDF report including iGRC quotas

  • Built-in operations accountability

  • Hi resolution elevation data

  • Tall & slender objects

  • Risk heatmaps

  • Geographic coverage: expanding  (contact us to learn if your region is already available or request it)



  • Faster, more reliable BVLOS permit request submission

  • Let geo-data cover your back in case of incident

  • Couple of euros per report

  • Couple of euros more for monthly subscription

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