GREY for UAV vendors

Provide unique software features, boost your value proposition

This days competitive flight planning and management software is equally important to excellent hardware. GREY provides API delivering geo-data and SORA analytics supporting BVLOS permit submission which can greatly improve flight planning and management capabilities. GREY team continuously searches for more accurate and up-to-date geo-datasets and blends it into the core repository. GREY web-services allow super-fast checking flight path against geo-data repository in terms of vertical profile as well as risk heatmap.

Key features

Geo-data repository characteristics

  • Super-fast API

  • Services:

    • Elevation at check-in point

    • Extended terrain statistics for flight corridor

    • Enhanced vertical navigation profile

  • Satellite change detection for selected areas

  • Hi resolution elevation data

  • Tall & slender objects

  • Risk heatmaps

  • Geographic coverage: expanding  (contact us to learn if your region is already available or request it)

  • Enables BVLOS permit request from inside of your SW

  • Enables implementation of cool geospatial features inside your SW


Pricing (under construction)

  • Very reasonable

  • Contact us if you are interested